Raoni Hübner”My name is Raoni Hübner, and I have studied with the tenor Amand Hekkers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. It was indeed a wonderful experience; Amand is a great teacher, and especially as a tenor I have to say I could develop a lot under his tuition. His work in technique and mainly in the freedom of the voice helped me to work on my issues and also to even my register. I still use his vocal exercises and warm-ups, they are of much help in my daily life as a young singer. At the time I was under his tuition, I had the opportunity to prepare 3 main characters of the opera stage, and it was also very good to have him by my side. His musical ideas and knowledge of the repertoire helped me to develop my ideas and to put the rolles inside myself, technically and acting wise. His knowledge of the business and also the experience on stage were determinant to give me the right direction towards successsful appearences on stage. In addition, I found in Amand a very special person who always supported me, and he is always looking forward to helping his students in every sense. All of this said, I believe Mr. Hekkers is one of the most complete teachers I have had during the whole of my studies.”
— Raoni Hübner, Rio de Janeiro

Anders Austad Grunth”I have enjoyed my work with Amand Hekkers very much. In my opinion he has a good and thorough method leading to good and healthy singing. Above all he has a very sensitive ear for the function of the voice, which makes his teaching intense and stimulating. Apart from this he is a pleasant person and a supportive teacher, that I am glad to have the opportunity to work with.”
— Anders Austad Grunth, København

Kieran White”I am a 25 year old Tenor and I have had the pleasure of being taught by Amand Hekkers at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for 3 years. He has been my teacher throughout my Undergraduate studies and has helped me to improve many different aspects of my singing. He has a very attentive teaching method and has taught me how to better my practice outside of lessons. Amand is not only a fantastic teacher but a very caring and generous man, he will always have a smile on his face and succeed in cheering his students up in whatever situation. As a young singer it is important to have somebody who believes in you and pushes you to reach your full potential. Amand has been there for me and because of this my confidence in myself and my singing in performance has improved greatly. I am very thankful for the time and effort that he has dedicated to me over the last three years and regret that I must leave him as a teacher as I’m moving to The Royal Academy in London to start my Masters.”
— Kieran White, London

Magnus Schou Vassbotn”I am so happy that I went to the first masterclass with Amand Hekkers in March 2014. Since then I followed 3 masterclasses with him and I really feel that it has helped me to develop a more legato and natural sound, with more light. My teacher here at the Royal Acadamy of Music in Copenhagen is also very positive with the help and coaching I get from you. You have really made me believe that I can grow into the verismo repertoir, and you teached me to sing the heavyer repertoir with a more lyrical and belcanto input to it. I feel that you have helped me to develop more of my natural sound, with less push, which makes it easier to get through the passagio and reach the highnotes with more flow and freedom. The result of that is actually that the sound is bigger, but I get less tired. I’m looking forward to his next masterclass.”
— Magnus Schou Vassbotn, Malmö

Henriette de Groot”Amand heb ik leren kennen als een leraar die zeer betrokken is bij zijn leerlingen. In de les schept hij een sfeer van vertrouwen en ongedwongenheid. Zijn werkwijze is zeer accuraat, eerlijk, direct, confronterend, maar altijd met zeer veel respect naar de leerling. Technische aanwijzingen worden stapsgewijs aangeboden in een volgorde die passend is voor de fase waarin de leerling zich op dat moment bevindt. Amand speelt in op de dynamiek van het moment, voelt aan wat de leerling op dat moment aan kan. Hij is inventief en komt met soms zeer verrassende oplossingen voor een probleem dat zich voordoet. Met de aangeboden techniek opent hij de deur naar vrije muzikale expressie.
Voor mij is Amand een fantastische leraar die er voor zorgt dat elke les een feest is en ik na iedere les met een brede glimlach naar huis ga.”
— Henriette de Groot (sopraan), Nederland

© Kim Krijnen

© Kim Krijnen

”I started working with Amand in 2014 at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and that moment was a milestone for my studies. Through his lessons and guidance, Amand taught me not only the true technique of belcanto but also helped me to become a better professional altogether. He always welcomes you with a smile and nurturing way of making things done. I feel very fortunate to have been working with him.”
— Nicolas Maraziotis, Greece